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GlobalUnderwriters.com provides contracted agents with a simple and effective method of selling our Diplomat Series products online. If you are already contracted with Global Underwriters and your business has a website, we can seamlessly integrate our point-of-sale interface with your website, allowing you to sell our products to your clients directly over the internet! We place your contact information at the bottom of every page, and send you an email confirmation every time a sale is made from your affiliate site. Even if you don’t have a website, we can still provide you with a customized affiliate link that you can email to your clients when they need travel insurance protection.

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Please Note: You MUST be contracted with Global Underwriters before you can receive any commissions for business sold through the affiliate program. If you are not yet contracted, please select the “I would like to contract with GU…” option, complete the fields below and then click on the submit button.
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“I'm really happy I chose Global Underwriters, I did days of research before choosing what was easily the most reputable and affordable company out there, and my decision is already paying off with your helpfulness and timely response.”

Laurel (Ontario, Canada)

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