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Where do I submit my claims?

Global Claims Administration
3195 Linwood Avenue, Suite 201
Cincinnati, OH 45208

Claims@globalunderwriters.com *All attachments sent to the claims email must be in PDF format.

FAX: 513-533-9416

Is the Coronavirus (COVID-19) covered?

The Diplomat America and Diplomat Long Term do not specifically exclude Covid-19, therefore it is treated the same as any other illness. The claim will be subject to all terms and conditions outlined in the policy plan provision. The coronavirus testing would be covered if ordered by a medical physician who deems it medically necessary, the insured fits the criteria for the test and the insured’s policy is active during the time of the testing. The medical expenses would be covered as well during the time of the policy, if the signs and symptoms started during the effective date of the policy and will be paid per the parameters of the policy. There is no trip cancellation coverage and Trip Interruption does not cover any conditions related to Covid-19.

Covid-19 is excluded on the Diplomat International plan. This plan does not cover any claim in any way caused by or resulting from:

a) Coronavirus disease (COVID-19);

b) Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2);

c) any mutation or variation of SARS-CoV-2;

d) any fear or threat of a), b) or c) above


How do I file a claim if I was treated INSIDE the United States?

How do I file a claim if I was treated OUTSIDE the United States?

I received something that says “THIS IS NOT A BILL”. What is this?

I received an EOB that says “DUPLICATE” and it was denied. Why?

What is the time frame for getting my claim completed?

Can you guarantee payment over the phone?

How do I appeal my claim?

Can I extend my coverage dates?

Where can I go for treatment if I incur an accident or illness?

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