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Marketing and Sales

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Marketing and Sales

  1. Guaranteed issue: No medical questions on the application
  2. Group and individual coverage available
  3. Customized group and corporate plans
  4. Permanent international coverage, underwriting required
  5. Average sale $300+
  6. No geographical constraints
  7. Market potential: over 100 million
  8. Proxy signatures accepted, with verbal or written authorization from client
  9. Mastercard, Visa, check and money orders accepted
  10. Paper work eliminated. Just fax or mail completed applications with payment to Global Underwriters
  11. Key markets, any individual(s) or group traveling outside their home country:
    * Business travelers
    * Vacationers
    * Church and missionary groups
    * Organizations, associations, and corporations
    * Universities and colleges, students and professors
    * High schools and exchange programs
    * Organized sport teams
    * Benefit coordinators and travel managers
    * Nanny and aupair programs
    * International adoption agencies
    * International consultants and attorneys
    * Travel agencies
    * Banks
    * Restaurants
“I'm really happy I chose Global Underwriters, I did days of research before choosing what was easily the most reputable and affordable company out there, and my decision is already paying off with your helpfulness and timely response.”

Laurel (Ontario, Canada)

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